kune kune piglets

the kune kune pig breed was once near extinction. kune kunes are known for the extremely docile and friendly personality which is unmatched by any other breed of swine. they are extremely outgoing and love human interaction. a grazing breed of swine and as such prefer to graze on grass. their short and upturned snouts make them suitable grazers and less prone to rooting found in other breeds. kune Kunes are known for having two wattles. they have little to no desire to roam and do not test fencing. 

we have really fallen in love with our kune kune pigs and highly recomend adding them to small farms and homesteads. they get to be  100-250lbs at maturity. our piggies Harley,  petunia, honey, autumn and hope all have outstanding personalities and we are sure their babies will too. all piglets will be 8-10 weeks old and vet checked prior to leaving the farm. 

our kune kunes will be having piglets in 2020. to be notified when we have piglets available please visit our
contact us page and send us an email. 
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