Chickens for sale 

breeds of chickens are as follows: Rhode Island red, buff orpington, barred rock, araucana, light & dark brahma, blue lacked red wyondottes, black australorp, brown leghorn, speckled Sussex, welsummer. jersey giant, lakenvelder, blue cochin, silkie, olive egger, polish, golden laced wyandotte, salmon faverolle, buff brahma, cuckoo Maran, and turken. 

all chicks 1-2 weeks old are $14.00 each.

chicks 3-8 weeks old are $30.00 each.
pullets/juvenile chickens 9-10 weeks old $38.00 each. 

to reserve chicks/ pullets for 2019 please fill out the form below. we also have packages that include a coop with chicks/chickens. 
** chicks (1-2 weeks old) will be ready spring 2019 (6 chick Minimum)

**pullets/juvenile chickens (3-8 weeks and 9-10 weeks old) will be ready summer and fall 2019

**Our next availablity for pullets will be at the end of august 2019. reservations must be made in advance**

**our baby chicks for the season will be ready for pick up end of April - July. for the rest of the summer and fall we will have pullets available. 

**delivery of chicks and pullets is available within 100 miles of the farm. delivery fees are $.1.50 per mile round trip to/from the farm. please select below if you would like delivery or to pick up your order at the farm. 

  1. Olive Egger
    Olive Egger
  2. Silkie
  3. Polish
  4. Lakenvelder
  5. Brown leghorn
    Brown leghorn
  6. Salmon Faverolle
    Salmon Faverolle
  7. Blue Laced Red Wyondotte
    Blue Laced Red Wyondotte
  8. Golden Laced Wyondotte
    Golden Laced Wyondotte
  9. Blue Cochin
    Blue Cochin
  10. Jersey Giant
    Jersey Giant
  11. Welsummer
  12. Speckled Sussex
    Speckled Sussex
  13. Olive Egger
    Olive Egger
  14. Buff Brahma
    Buff Brahma
  15. Dark Brahma
    Dark Brahma
  16. Light Brahma
    Light Brahma
  17. Araucana
  18. Barred Rock
    Barred Rock
  19. Rhode Island Red
    Rhode Island Red
  20. Buff Orpington
    Buff Orpington
  21. Cuckoo Maran
    Cuckoo Maran
** to Place a Chicken reservation please fill out Both forms located below.

the reservation form and the payment information form.  first step: fill out the chicken reservation form (click place order button).  second step: fill out payment information form (click Submit button).

once both forms are submitted an order confirmation number with important farm pick up instrucations will appear on the screen .**
to Place a Chicken reservation please fill out the reservation form above (click place order button) and Then fill out payment information below (click Submit button) to receive the order confirmation number and important farm pick up instrucations.

Payment information 

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