chicken run/enclosures

A chicken enclosures is for a chickens protection form predators. when in a predator proof enclosure chickens can go outside without being attacked or injured. predators for chickens include coyotes, fisher cats, raccoons, neighborhood dogs, rats, bobcats, etc. our chicken enclosures can fasten securely to a chicken coop or be a stand alone enclosure all by itself. our enclosures are made with 1/4" coated wire mesh with 2x3 or 2x4 lumber. any and all of our enclosures can be stained or painted to match your coop. for predator protection we do fence the bottom of the enclosures. the logic behind the fenced bottom is predators cannot dig around the structure and get it. we have covered and uncovered enclosure options available. additional customized sized enclosures can be made upon request. 

clark farm walk in salt box or Gambrel style enclosures - these styles of encloses are particularly practical for climates with inclement winter weather. the cover for the chickens provides them an outside sheltered area. no unnecessary shoveling the chickens paths in the snow or worrying about rainy weather effecting chickens outside play time. keeping chickens safe from predators and giving them plenty of sheltered living space is the exact function of this product. the roof styles match either our salt box chicken coop design or gambrel coop design. the structures are  6' tall and can be customized to suit your chickens needs with length and width. as always enclosure colors and shingle colors are completely customizable. 

All chicken enclosure orders will take 2-6 weeks to be built. we will be in touch when we receive your order to discuss a delivery date. Please contact us for a shipping/delivery quote. 

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