Chicken coop rentals

Ever wondered what it wold be like to have chickens that lay eggs but were afraid to make the commitment? now here at clark farm you can rent a coop with egg laying hens to try it out in advance of buying a coop and birds. our rental coop season is from march through november. renting a coop is basically having the chickens without the responsibility of caring for the birds over the harsh winters. we provide all the supplies needed to care for the birds while they are with you. best of all you would get to collect the eggs! with renting you get the best of both worlds and have the chickens while they are at peak laying throughout the year. try before you buy! 

our rental coops are predator proof with attached chicken enclosures. the whole unit is on wheels so it can be moved to give the birds access to fresh grass throughout their stay. alternatively if you have already purchased chickens and are waiting for a coop to be built a rental coop would be a good temporary option. 

please fill out our rental form below and agree to the terms and conditions to reserve a rental coop. we require first rental month plus delivery and return fees as a non-refundable deposit to hold your reservation. an additional security deposit is also required when reserving for an extended period of time or distance from the farm
our packages:
package a - rental coop, 1-2 egg laying hens, 1 bag of chicken feed, 1 chicken feeder, 1 chicken water container, 1 bag of pine shavings, set of chicken care instructions. 

package b - rental coop, 3-4 egg laying hens, 2 bags of chicken feed, 1 chicken feeder, 1 water container, 1 bag of pine shavings, set of chicken care instructions. 

additional options to packages listed above - additional hens, egg recipe cookbook, bag of treats for the hens. 

purchase plans are available: purchase a rental coop after your rental has ended, the chickens in the rental are available for purchase, or a percentage of your rental can be credited towards an upgraded coop and enclosure. 

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Chicken Coop rental pricing ​​